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Frequent Asked Questions

1. How soon will my server be up and running?

Because we lose so few customers most of our servers are brand new builds. Depending on your configuration your server may take between 24 to 48 hours. For those of you needing rush completion you can simply request it in the comments section of the order and we will do our best to rush deliver your server at no extra cost.

2. Will this server work for my needs?

We offer several different plans for people with varying needs but in most cases these servers should suit your purposes. Most website software support clustering as well so you can actually deploy two to three dedicated servers instead of on large expensive server to suit your needs. This will both improve reliability and overall performance.

3. What kind of support can i expect?

Support is 24/7 in the event of a hardware or connection failure. We are responsible to ensure your hardware and internet connection to your server is working at all times. Our SAS70 data center has power coming in from multiple sources as well as internet connections from multiple providers. All of our servers are enabled with hot swap drives so we can quickly remove your drive in the event of a hardware failure and move it to an identical server in minutes. Management of the servers operating system is up to the customer.

4. How reliable are the servers?

We have found server failure to be extremely rare, most of our issues deal with the configuration issues our customers have in deploying their software onto the servers and not actually an issue with the hardware or internet connections.

5. I need special software, do you carry it and will you install it?

If a software does not appear in the menu options add it to your comments in the order form and we will see if we carry it. If it is a Microsoft product we almost certainly will.

6. I Need a Special Operating System

No Problem, tell us what it is and we will install it. If you need a special version of windows please let us know and we will tell you the cost of your particular version of windows.

7. How is the network secured?

We actively monitor the network via a firewall and identify abnormal activity and report it back to you. We also harden all of our servers proprietary configuration changes to prevent most attacks. We believe that fraud costs everyone money and we want to protect our customers the best way we can.