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Dedicated Server Blog

What to Look for in a Dedicated Server

In this latest piece we talk about what to look for in a dedicated server. Since everyone is different I will break it down into categories of people/organizations and you can simply find what category you fall into and make your own decisions. For starters though there are two classes of dedicated servers, those that are managed and those that are unmanaged. If you have no idea what this pertains to please read the Managed Vs Unmanaged Dedicated Server Article. Smarter Dedicated Servers provides unmanaged servers for the cost conscious buyer. We do however provide hourly consulting rate for issues you may have managing your own servers. Without further ado here are the classes of people who seek dedicated servers and what plans we advise they go with.

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Dedicated vs Virtual Servers

In the past virtual servers were the only way to go and still have an affordable solution for multiple web hosting and web application needs. Recently though the higher levels of competition have brought down the prices of dedicated servers down to a reasonable level. Our own starter plan offers a dedicated server for just $39.99.

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