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Smarter Dedicated Servers

The Smarter Server Difference

People ask how we are able to do it? Provide the best rates on the internet while still being able to offer support and reliability. In short we use consumer grade equipment for all the highly reliable components such as RAM, CPU, Motherboards, and high reliability server components for hardware that is more likely to fail such as the power supplies, and hard disks.

In the event of failure we have servers watching your server to detect any interruption in service. In the case of a hardware failure our network admins can remove your servers hard drive from its hot swap port and place it into an identical server that is functional. The net result is almost no down time in the event of hardware failure to any component except for the hard drive.

At Smarter Servers we know when your server goes down its an emergency, be able to talk to a human being round the clock to provide support and bring your server back up quickly.

Finally our circle of reliability ensures the highest level of uptime for our customers. Our data center has redundant power, redundant fiber optic internet connections, and redundant standby hardware for a complete reliability solution.